Wash Connect


Using the latest IoT technology, WASHCONNECT gives you 100% confidence in your laundry service and infection control management.

Exclusive to WASHCO, you can be assured your linen is hygienically clean with full visibility and real-time validation of your laundry process through a simple, cloud-based system combined with our best-in-class washers and dryers.

No upfront investment is required. With a simple monthly subscription, the experts at WASHCO will be on hand to service and maintain your machines. There’s no hidden costs, unlimited callouts and absolute peace of mind.


If you own, manage or operate a business you can access data that provides you with a very clear performance of your laundry operation. You can see what is undertaken and when it happens, allowing you to plan and adapt your service to suit your business.

The machines can also provide reporting on every process in real time. This includes temperature validation, so you can ensure you are meeting infection control requirements. Through our cloud portal, we can see what’s happening and, for the first time, we can see when and why a machine is not working. This means we’re on the front foot, able to respond more rapidly and accurately based upon fact.

WashConnect gives visibility to what is really happening in your laundry and empowers our team to provide the highest standards of service and support.


Wash, Dry, Iron – Simple

WashConnect is an industry-first; the next generation of commercial washing machines and tumble dryers – an always-connected, Internet of Things solution.

The WashConnect range features embedded electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable the machines to connect to a central cloud portal to provide constant live updates and monitoring of performance, activity and problems.

WashConnect is an empowering solution that completely changes and revolutionises the relationship between all stakeholders and their equipment.

Laundry perfected

An industry first, Wash Connect is an innovative new take on commercial laundry – always-connected Internet of Things devices delivered for one simple monthly fee.

It’s a way to preserve your capital while unlocking smart new technologies like remote fault diagnosis, ongoing monitoring, and effortless ease of use. And a way for us to proactively deliver the ultimate in service and support.

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