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American Dry Cleaners

Founded in 1990, American Dry Cleaners is the largest dry cleaning and laundry company in London, a multi award winning brand with over 40 prime branch locations across the Capital and employing over circa 200 in the team.

American Dry Cleaners were looking to upgrade their 20,000 sq foot laundry facility and went out to the market place with a brief for a full support for parts and labour, and to adhere to a tough SLA required to support their business. A digital interface, cloud management ( to manage and monitor washers, and dryers performance and departments productivity), to work with their technical department to upgrade water recycling capabilities, and to provide a lock and key project to deliver a seamless process.

It was clear at the outset that meeting the expectations of Julian and ADC was going to require an innovative solution to create investible benefits for the business, a challenge WashCo gratefully accepted.

Having successfully tendered, WashCo installed numerous WashConnect IOT machines, including 2 x 60kg, 1 x 45kg, and 1 x  24kg washing machines, with 3 WashConnect dryers to match. These machines were programmed to offer an incredible range of highly customisable Wet Cleaning processes which can be monitored and modified remotely, meaning that there is total transparency and quality control, something that was high on American Dry Cleaners Priority list.

With a week to complete the installation while facing the main challenge of keeping the laundry in production, WashCo were able to replace all the service work including the steam work, ducting, water and waste to accompany the new equipment.

As well as working with the detergent company to program the machines to deliver the best results that they were not reaching before hand, WashCo installed an energy efficient water recovery system on all the Connect machines. This will save the company 20% in water which helps to deliver a result in their goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

Following the completed installation, WashCo came in to provide training to the laundry staff on how to operate the new equipment which is a critical part of the handover. Ensuring that the staff are aware that with the new machines, WashCo are able to create new programs for new or different materials that may have to be washed in the future.

“Washco seemed to tick all the boxes with their professionalism they demonstrated, together with the transparency in providing many of their existing client as references” – Julian Stone

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The installation went like a dream, Washco providing enough personnel to get the job done, working around our live production needs. The commissioning and training provided was excellent. Most importantly any early blips and hiccups were dealt with expeditiously.

Julian Stone - Managing Director, American Dry Cleaners