Case Studies

Broadmead Rest Home

Find out how WASHCONNECT helped Broadmead Rest Home optimise their laundry and reduce ongoing costs.


WASHCO were approached by Broadmead Rest Home, who were looking to replace their old equipment after a negative experience with their previous supplier.

At a time where laundry management and infection control have been of paramount importance, we instantly understood the need for a 24/7, seamless solution, tailored specifically to Broadmead Rest Home’s requirements.


Having tried a wide variety of machines and experiencing under-par service from other suppliers in the past, the idea of a new and innovative product excited the management. After discussing the options available to them, they were particularly impressed with WASHCONNECT’s range of unique features combined with our unrivalled service and maintenance plans.

The latest IoT smart technology

It was decided that two 14kg WASHCONNECT washers would be the perfect fit. Paired with the remaining machines at the home, the washers could help to meet their capacity requirements and increase productivity.

No quibble service

Additionally, the management team were pleased to be able to select from a range of all-inclusive service options (3 -5 years) thereby being able to accurately manage budgets and spend for the duration of the agreement.


WASHCONNECT has now been operating at Broadmead Resthome for several months. The intuitive interface and simple operation of the machines have been praised by staff, who have quickly gotten to grips with the new technology.

Complete visibility of their laundry

The built-in heat sensors and real-time temperature validation have allowed them to take full control of their laundry, ensuring they can prevent the spread of infection amongst both residents and employees.

Identify and solve faults quickly

As it has for other care homes too, the added benefit of remote fault diagnosis has been available to help identify and solve issues in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Now, they can even easily resolve minor issues such as blocked drains, themselves, without the need for engineer callouts.

Jabriel Raja at Broadmead Rest Home, has praised the impact of WASHCONNECT on the home’s laundry function. “Since having WASHCONNECT installed at Broadmead Resthome, we have been delighted with the performance of the machines and the service provided by WASHCO as a whole. Staff have found the technology easy to use, with the machines enabling us to optimise operational efficiency and reduce ongoing costs.”

The management are so happy with the solution provided by WASHCO that they have asked us to install our WASHCONNECT machines at another of their homes. We’ll be replacing their existing machines over a staggered process, installing our 8kg models.

To find out how we can help your care home improve efficiency and reduce costs, contact our care experts here.