Professional Cleaners

Pressing Needs

Pressing Needs, a large domestic laundry specialist near Southampton, approached WashCo following a demonstration of our new smart laundry equipment – WashConnect – at this year’s CleanEx exhibition.

Pressing Needs wanted to increase operational efficiency at their busy 6,500 sq ft facility and were interested in exploring WashConnect’s technical and service benefits.

To deliver the vital support Pressing Needs required, we installed two new WashConnect machines – the W24 and W18 washer. The new machines provide a number of features to help the client achieve greater operational efficiency whilst also reducing costs:

  • WashConnect machines include embedded electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity, which deliver constant live updates on performance, activity and problems. As a result, our engineers can resolve potential problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Pressing Needs relies on a large steam heated boiler to power their machines. This can take time to heat up and significantly impacts operations if there is a fault. The new WashConnect machines now give Pressing Needs the flexibility to easily switch from steam to electric – a function previously unavailable with their old machines – which helps to further reduce downtime.
  • The WashConnect machines and service is available on a monthly subscription so no capital expense and unexpected future costs for the client.

To ensure smooth installation, we worked closely with Pressing Needs and managed the process from start to finish, including the removal and disposal of old machinery. Commenting on the recent installation, Pressing Needs’ Managing Director Malcolm Jenvey, said; “I chose WashConnect not only because of the well-engineered machinery but also because of the innovative technology. WashCo can see exactly what is going on with the machines, which means they can respond quicker than any other service provider if there is a fault! The fixed-price rental also gives us peace of mind – we know exactly how much we will be paying and when.”

Kreussler’s Sales and Technical Consultant Mark Brabham, who is the chemical provider for Pressing Needs, said; “A long-term customer, Pressing Needs, have just taken delivery of two Connect machines from WashCo. With the help and support from Peter Hosking and his team we were able to successfully set up our EasyDose with Kreussler Wet Care and laundry products with efficient washing programs. Malcolm and Nickie Jenvey were pleased with the results and the new machines and service they have received from WashCo.”

I chose WashConnect not only because of the well-engineered machinery but also because of the innovative technology.