Side view of WASHCONNECT washer
WASHCONNECT touchscreen

Easy to use, increasing efficiency and making staff training simple

Available in five sizes (8kg, 11kg, 14kg, 18kg, 24kg)
7″ touchscreen which works just like a mobile phone
Different user profiles so the user only has access to what they need
Easy to load and unload with a wide opening door

Efficient, reducing cost and environmental impact

Patented Dynamic Weighing System adjusts wash parameter based on the load, saving you money on energy and detergents
Reduces the amount of drying time needed with a highly efficient spin cycle
Special drum hemispheres prevent damage to linens, reducing waste and cost of replacements

Futureproof and flexible, evolving in line with your laundry

Fully customisable cycles which can be changed as your needs change

Increases efficiency with reduced downtime

High-quality parts and double safety systems, reducing downtime and giving you peace of mind
Large draining system allowing you to do more cycles per day
First to market 3D drum balancing sensor reducing mechanical stress, extending the life of the machine

W8 washing machine

Capacity: 8kg (75 litre drum) | Power: 1ph / 3ph |
Dimensions: 1130mm(H) x 795mm(W) x 660mm(D)

W11 washing machine

Capacity: 11kg (105 litre drum) | Power: 1ph / 3ph
Dimensions: 1245mm(H) x 795mm(W) x 660mm(D)

W14 washing machine

Capacity: 14kg (135 litre drum) | Power: 3ph
Dimensions: 1245mm(H) x 795mm(W) x 830mm(D)

W18 washing machine

Capacity: 18kg (180 litre drum) | Power: 3ph
Dimensions: 1460mm(H) x 970mm(W) x 940mm(D)

W24 washing machine

Capacity: 24kg (240 litre drum) | Power: 3ph
Dimensions: 1460mm(H) x 970mm(W) x 1045mm(D)