Miele Professional

Professional Quality

Quality you can rely on. Our range of appliances from Miele Professional are developed and tested for a service life of up to 30,000 cycles.

At the heart of Miele’s engineering is their attention to detail; they make every effort to introduce even the smallest of improvements to equipment ranging from washing machines to dishwashers.

Each Miele machine has been designed to deliver outstanding reliability, a long product lifecycle, energy efficiency and low running costs.


Outstanding Performance

Miele’s commercial range of award-winning appliances meet the needs of even the most stringent environments.

Regardless of who is operating your machine, you’ll always get the best results thanks to simple user interfaces which are set up to meet individual customer needs.

We’ll cover the details – wash temperatures, programme times and optimum configurations – so you have the best performance at your fingertips that delivers results.

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