WASHCONNECT dryer touchscreen close up
WASHCONNECT dryer showing air cycle
WASHCONNECT dryer with open door and touchscreen

Introducing WASHCONNECT, our user-friendly laundry solution designed for efficiency and simplicity.

Available in 4 sizes (11kg, 14kg, 18kg, 24kg), this range of machines feature a 7″ touchscreen, akin to a mobile phone, ensuring easy operation and straightforward staff training. With different user profiles, access is streamlined, allowing users to focus on what they need. Loading and unloading are hassle-free thanks to the wide-opening door.

Highly efficient drying

Experience cost savings and reduced environmental impact with dynamic drying featuring a dual-stage element (electric heat models) or modulated burner (gas heat models) that adapts heat to minimize thermal shock, preserving linens and garments. Benefit from standard residual moisture cycles that save up to 12 minutes per cycle – equivalent to 3 to 4 extra cycles in an 8-hour period. High insulation minimizes heat loss, contributing to energy conservation and reduced costs.

The WASHCONNECT dryer range are a smart solution to optimize performance, cut costs, and evolve with your needs.

D11 dryer

Capacity: 11kg – 15kg | Power: Electric / Gas / Steam
Dimensions: 1590mm(H) x 795mm(W) x 920mm(D)

D14 dryer

Capacity: 14kg – 19kg | Power: Electric / Gas / Steam
Dimensions: 1590mm(H) x 795mm(W) x 1085mm(D)

D18 dryer

Capacity: 18kg – 25kg | Power: Electric / Gas / Steam
Dimensions: 1810mm(H) x 970mm(W) x 1810mm(D)

D24 dryer

Capacity: 24kg – 33kg | Power: Electric / Gas / Steam
Dimensions: 1810mm(H) x 970mm(W) x 1205mm(D)