Airwallet cashless system for communal laundries

Making payment simple

Airwallet is a mobile payment solution which makes it easy for your customers to pay by mobile or card, removing the hassle of coins.

Easy to connect

The Airwallet device can be installed on most laundry machines with no need for an installed internet connection. It communicates with the customer’s smartphone via Bluetooth, using the mobile phone coverage from the customer’s phone.

Easy to use

All your customers need to do is download the app. There’s no need to pre-load credit. They just connect their card to the app and pay on demand. Alternatively, you can choose the Anton, a central payment unit allowing users to pay by card.

Easy to control

With Airwallet, you can access an online dashboard making it simple to track your revenue. The transaction history provides all the detail you need and it’s easy to see the data by location.

Only available with new machines

Introducing Airwallet Anton

Anton is a central payment unit, making it easy for your customers to pay without downloading an app.

Utilising the latest touchscreen technology, it’s really simple to use. Your customer just selects the service they want on the screen and tap-and-go with contactless payment. Anton sends a start signal to the relevant machine and it’s ready to start.

It accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express and works with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

No more coins just fast, effortless transactions.