Equestrian and veterinary laundry solutions

Equine and veterinary laundry equipment

WASHCO’s range of commercial laundry equipment is ideal for washing horse rugs and other horse apparel.

If you need to launder a winter turnout rug and you’re dealing with a high level of soiling and maintaining the waterproofing then we can help.

For vets surgeries, an on-premise laundry is the most cost effective and safest to manage laundry to control cross-infection.

Our wide range of washers and dryers deliver a high-class wash performance and, where necessary, provide the ability to automate the entire wash-to-dry process at a touch of a button.

A Miele washing machine perfect for vets

For busy vets surgeries, it’s important to ensure you have the right washers and dryers in place from a hygiene and efficiency perspective. The 9kg Miele PW5082 XL washer, and PT5186 XL companion dryer are exclusive to WASHCO and  are ideal commercial machine to meet your requirements.

  • Highly cost-effective Miele commercial machines
  • The same size as a domestic machine, with commercial capabilities
  • WRAS approved, meeting required water standards
  • Ideal for laundering animal bedding and towels

PW5082 Washer   PT5186 Dryer

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