Commercial laundry equipment. Hire, rental & lease

How renting can work for you

If you’re considering bringing your laundry in-house, or are looking to upgrade your existing facilities, you may find yourself debating between purchasing the equipment or renting it.

Renting your laundry equipment from WASHCO offers significant benefits to your organisation. With no upfront cost and a fixed monthly cost, rental could be the best way for your company to go.

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Financial benefits of renting

Renting your laundry equipment can offer you some significant financial and tax advantages.

With no upfront cost, your new commercial washing machines and tumble dryers can be installed without the need for you to invest capital or borrow money.

On a monthly basis, your expenses will be fixed and predictable, making budgeting easier.  And because your fixed monthly payment includes both equipment and service there won’t be any hidden surprises!

With contract lengths to suit you, you can spread the costs over a longer period. What’s more, renting can offer tax advantages: your business can usually deduct the full cost of rentals from taxable income.

Services and upgrades included in your rental package

No worries about breakdowns. Upgrade your equipment at preferential costs.

When you rent, a preferential service contract is automatically included with our premium Service Level Agreement. We’ll maintain and service your equipment giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Should any of your laundry equipment actually break-down, WASHCO carries all the risk. If the equipment cannot be repaired, we’ll replace it with a new machine, with no additional costs to you.

Should you wish to upgrade or replace your equipment during your rental period, you can do so by making a small adjustment to your regular payment.



With renting, I don’t have to worry about a thing. WASHCO takes care of all the details, including installation, yearly servicing, maintenance and repairs.

That means less stress and hassle, and I won’t be faced with any unexpected costs!

Gaurave Chaudary, Highgate Lodge Care Home Manager