If you need efficient, reliable laundry equipment which doesn’t distract from the day-to-day running of your business then we’re here to help.

We can offer you a wide variety of laundry equipment whether you’re running a full on-premise laundry or you’re looking for a solution to launder towels and robes or mop heads.

The range is designed to suit a wide variety of budgets and requirements, including washing machines, dryers and ironers. And of course, a range of brand including Miele, Primus and Speed Queen

Flexible financing arrangements, with no capital investment required, make it easy for you to find the right solution and you’ll be supported by hassle-free service you can rely on.


Using the latest smart technology, our WASHCONNECT range of washers and dryers give you 100% remote visibility of your laundry.

Exclusive to WASHCO, you and your staff can get on with other things whilst the simple, cloud-based system provides you with a 360-view of your laundry processes. Remote notifications allow staff to carry out other duties and be alerted when the washing machine or dryer is ready to be emptied. And we can deliver a bespoke programme package designed to meet your requirements.

No upfront investment is required. With a simple monthly subscription, which covers your machines and maintenance, the experts at WASHCO will be on hand to service your machines. There are no hidden costs, unlimited callouts and absolute peace of mind.

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washchemicals: laundry detergents and chemicals

Delivering clean, hygienic laundry is about more than having the right machines. It’s also about having the detergents and chemicals perfectly set up to work in combination with your laundry equipment.

Whether you need bright, white bed or table linens or you’re laundering guests’ items, we will work with you to deliver a complete service. This includes the installation, set-up and management of your dosing equipment, designed to work in perfect harmony with your machines.

Our range of laundry detergents and chemicals, WASHCHEMICALS, includes an emulsifier that is ideal for removing grease, oils and fats, stain removers and a biological detergent that increases the brightness and whiteness of our laundry due to Optical Brighteners.

Click here to read our handy article which gives an overview on commercial laundry detergents and chemicals and what they do.


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