Miele PT 5186 XL dryer on grey background

Technology which makes a difference

The PerfectDry system measures the residual moisture of the laundry, achieving precise and outstanding drying results

Enjoy crease-free linens as the dryer control prevents laundry from becoming tangled by changing the rotation direction of the drum at specified intervals.

Ideal for delicate fabrics, Miele’s unique honeycomb drum structure treats fabrics gently extending their life and providing a great finish.

Easy to use

The Profiline B controls make life easy with a large rotary selector switch.

The patented extra-large filter has the ability to catch more fluff and lint than any other machine of its class while being simple to remove and clean.

Suitable For

Vets, hair salons, B&Bs, sheltered housing


9kg dryer


Capacity: 9kg (180-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Electric

Dimensions: 1020mm(H) x 700mm(W) x 763mm(D)

Model: Vented