Miele PW 5082 XL washing machine with background
Picture of Miele honeycomb drum

Introducing the Miele PW5082, a washing solution designed for efficient performance and superior laundry care.

Short, efficient cycles

Benefit from its short programme cycle times, ensuring high demands are met without compromising quality. The spinning G-Force of up to 440 with only 50% residual moisture reduces drying times, energy costs, and extends the life of your laundry.

Easy to operate

Experience excellent laundry care with the patented honeycomb drum, ensuring gentle fabric treatment while delivering outstanding cleaning performance. Miele Octoplus machines are built with the environment in mind, featuring low water, energy, and detergent consumption. The Profi-B-Plus controls provide easy cycle adjustment via a rotary dial, offering user-friendly operation. Embrace efficiency, sustainability, and simplicity with the Miele PW5082 for all your washing needs.


9kg washing machine


Capacity: 9kg (80-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Electric

Dimensions: 1020mm(H) x 700mm(W) x 727mm(D)

Drainage: Drain Pump or Gravity Drain