Miele 8059 commercial dishwasher

Intelligent Dishwashing Technology 

A hot water inlet and powerful heat pump ensure optimum programme durations. Permanent filtering of the suds solution results in optimum cleaning results whilst protecting the machine from damage for a long service life.

Extremely Hygienic Results

The final rinse temperature of 85 degrees meets the highest hygiene requirements.

Simple to Use

All programmes can be selected quickly & started at the touch of a button.

Making Things Easy

The plastic or wire baskets can be used on two levels to suit different loads
The patented in-door salt container can be refilled without needing to remove the lower basket

MIELE PG 8059 Hygiene Dishwasher

Capacity: Up to 380 plates/h

Power: Electric

Colours: White or Stainless Steel

Integration: Freestanding

Dimensions: 835mm(H) x 600mm(W) x 600mm(D)