The Miele PFD 101i dishwasher is designed to bring together intelligent technology and user-friendly features for an efficient and straightforward dishwashing experience.

Automatic door opening

Its automatic door opening at the end of each program ensures thorough drying of your items, saving you time and effort. The machine’s permanent suds solution filtration not only guarantees excellent cleaning results but also safeguards the dishwasher from potential damage, enhancing its longevity.

Easy to adjust and operate

Adjusting the upper basket height to accommodate different load sizes is effortless, allowing for versatile loading. Moreover, the versatile placement of the cutlery basket over the front lower basket spikes adds to the convenience of this dishwasher. Simple program selection and activation at the touch of a button make this dishwasher easy to use in any household. If you’re seeking a dishwasher that combines intelligent technology with ease of use, the Miele PFD 101i is a reliable choice for efficient dishwashing.

Semi-Integrated Freshwater dishwasher

Capacity: 13 place settings

Power: Electric

Dimensions:  805mm(H) x 596mm(W) x 570mm(D)