The Miele PFD 401 SpeedPlus dishwasher is engineered to deliver intelligent technology and ease of use to streamline your dishwashing experience.

Efficient and effective cleaning

Its hot water inlet, coupled with a robust heat pump, ensures that program durations are optimized for efficient and effective cleaning. The permanent suds solution filtration not only guarantees spotless results but also shields the machine from potential damage, extending its service life.

Adjustable and easy to operate

Adjusting the upper basket height to accommodate varying load sizes is hassle-free, making your dishwashing tasks more flexible. Additionally, the patented in-door salt container allows for convenient refills without the need to remove the lower basket. The simplicity of this dishwasher is further emphasized by its one-touch program selection, offering you quick and effortless access to all available programs. If you’re seeking a dishwasher that combines intelligent technology with user-friendliness, the Miele PFD 401 SpeedPlus is a smart addition to your kitchen.

Freestanding Freshwater dishwasher

Capacity: Up to 380 plates / hour

Power: Electric

Dimensions:  835mm(H) x 598mm(W) x 598mm(D)