Case Studies

The Dorchester Hotel

WASHCO transform the in-house laundry operations at The Dorchester with a bespoke solution that boosts efficiency and increases capacity.


Steeped in history, The Dorchester is one of the world’s most iconic hotels and prides itself on its exceptional levels of care and refinement. With 250 rooms and 49 suites to maintain and a complete 3-hour turnaround time to meet on all its garments, the hotel’s laundry is key to upholding their outstanding reputation.

The team at WASHCO were approached to overhaul the previous laundry function with a new top-class facility, complete with efficient and reliable machinery that would perform for years to come.


Our first step was to review the old set up and determine the challenges and opportunities available, which allowed us to recommend a solution that would produce quality results and increase overall capacity.

The Miele Professional range of commercial laundry equipment was the perfect fit for the project, providing the high-quality cleaning performance and reliability the hotel needs.

During the installation process, it was critical that the third-floor laundry could be accessed from the road with minimal disruption. We brought in a crane and completed the process of manoeuvring both old and new equipment within a day.

Following the completed installation, our expert team came in to provide training to the 20+ laundry staff on how to operate their new equipment.


For The Dorchester’s Executive Housekeeper, Jutta Asta, one of the instant standout differences she observed was how compact and organised the new laundry was. She also highlighted the quality of the equipment, describing how impressed they are with the speed and technology.

WASHCO’s complete solution now means that the hotel need not deal with multiple different suppliers and manufacturers for the servicing and maintenance of their equipment. The team have ensured that the laundry will reflect The Dorchester’s values and offering, promising only the highest standards.

“The execution of this project has been mind-blowing. When we had the challenge with access, they went back to the drawing board and said “okay, we can do this in a day instead of two”. That revolutionised the whole project and is what, I think, encompasses the service element that I have seen from WASHCO.” – Jutta Asta

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