New launderette premises – what to consider

Laundry in washing machine

There are many considerations if you’re opening a new launderette. We work with our clients to help them navigate the practicalities, but if you’re not sure where to start, the below is a good place to begin.


The premise floor should be of solid concrete construction without any basement areas or voids under the flooring. The washing machines are rigid mounted to the floor to stop them from moving around. This is only suitable with solid concrete floors.

Gas and power supply

It’s important to consider how the machines will be powered and heated.

Typically we would recommend a gas-heated water cylinder to supply hot water to your washing machines, and gas-heated dryers. It tends to be more cost-efficient than electricity. To support this the premises will require a natural gas supply which is larger than standard domestic or commercial premises.

Of course, the equipment also requires electrical power. As part of the process, we will guide you through the requirement for the laundry equipment. Don’t forget, it will also need to be the right supply to cover CCTV and any electrical sockets you might require.

Water supply

A key consideration is the pressure of the water supply. Depending on the pressure level, you may need a water-holding tank to supply the washing machines and boiler via an inline water pump. As part of the process, we would support you in finding the right solution for your premises.


Any launderette requires a suitable minimum 4-inch diameter floor-level drain. The location of the drain will be determined by the layout of the laundry, particularly the location of the washing machines.

Air extraction

It’s really important to have the right air extraction in place. It prevents the recycling of expelled air into the premises. The dryers and boiler require vents which expel externally to the outside of the property. The location must meet Gas Safe regulations which state that the duct extract needs to be a minimum of two metres from any opening including doors, windows and louvres. It also depends on the location of local residential properties and doors and windows.

Air louvres

Gas dryers and the gas boiler require a permanent air flow into the premises. This means you will need to install permanently open louvres allowing the free flow of air into the area where the dryers and boiler are sited.

Site access

The equipment and other items like boilers can be quite large so it’s important to have good access for the installation. We carry out a site survey prior to all installations to ensure that everything fits perfectly.

To discuss your requirements and get advice about the best commercial laundry equipment to meet your needs, contact WASHCO’s specialists on 08000 546 546 or email