Case Studies

Spotless Garments

Using WASHCONNECT’s innovative IoT features, Spotless Garments gain complete visibility of their laundry processes to support their sustainability projects.


Spotless Garments is a professional laundry services provider, based in Milton Keynes. Renowned for their award-winning customer service and low carbon sustainable practices, the company were looking for a commercial laundry partner who could support their Net Zero plan by helping to lower their environmental footprint.


Prior to this project, WASHCO had been supporting Spotless Garments on a callout and labour basis. They had tried several other companies in the past but had experienced unsatisfactory customer service, which prompted their search for a new commercial laundry partner to perform effective and reliable servicing and maintenance on their existing machines.

An all-inclusive package

When the time came for Spotless Garments to invest in new equipment to meet their sustainability objectives, they went out to market and received several quotes from various suppliers. According to the company’s Founder, Anne Benson, WASHCO’s Area Sales Manager, Ed Robinson, was by far the most helpful and knowledgeable.

“When I asked Ed some tricky questions and for an explanation as to why WASHCO were more expensive, he went away and researched what we had been offered elsewhere. He came back to me with detailed explanations and showed that in the long term, WASHCO offer better value due to being so much more inclusive with installation, servicing and longer warranty coverage.”

Innovative IoT smart technology

After discussing the options available to them, Spotless Garments were particularly interested in WASHCO’s range of smart laundry equipment, WASHCONNECT. Their operations are quite gas, electric and water intensive, so the data collection and analysis features of WASHCONNECT meant that they could prove exactly what resources were being used.

Complete visibility of the processes can be accessed via the cloud whenever they need and, what’s more, they can also change all parameters and programming to suit what is needed for their Net Zero and R&D projects.

The machines were purchased outright and paired with WASHCO’s 5-year fully comprehensive servicing and maintenance package to help keep the company’s downtime to a minimum – something which is essential for such business-critical operations.

Efficient installation

A date was agreed for installation and was completed by our engineers Jamie, Tom and Mark, who Anne described as “absolutely great”.

“They worked well as a team and were not only skilled and knowledgeable but also polite and pleasant – a joy to have on site. They even helped out above and beyond their contract with another machine from a different supplier that we needed some help with on the day.”

Once installation was complete, Mark showed the Spotless Garments team how to use their new WASHCONNECT machines and liaised with their chemicals provider to organise the dosing systems.


Quibble-free service

Anne has described their experience with WASHCO as being “very different” compared to other suppliers, going on to say: “The people who take your calls know what’s going on and can actually see a query through from beginning to end – no telephone table tennis. Their engineers are good, old fashioned diagnostic engineers who understand laundry equipment and, rather than simply replacing parts until the problem goes away, they actually diagnose what the issue is.

On one occasion, they struggled to work out what was wrong with an old dryer we had so came again when the fault recurred but credited us the charge for the unsuccessful call out. Customer service like our own – a rarity these days it seems!

As great as new machines can be, we all need decent engineers in this industry and WASHCO have them. You have restored our faith in engineers, so thank you!”

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