Balliol College

WashCo Re-equip Four Laundries at Oxford’s Balliol College

Balliol College, founded in 1263 and is one of the most famous and the oldest colleges in Oxford University, and also the oldest college in the English speaking world. Students can study as undergraduates and post-graduates in almost any of the disciplines offered by the University. Balliol currently accommodates some 500 resident students in three main accommodation blocks on the main sites in Broad Street, Jowett Walk and Holywell Manor.

Each of the accommodation sites has its own laundry equipment for the use of the students. In addition the housekeeping department includes a small laundry. After a less than satisfactory arrangement with a previous supplier, last year Keeley Mortimer, Domestic Manager, had all four laundries re-equipped by WashCo on their fixed term hire agreement. The laundry equipment includes a small Amazon washer and dryer in the housekeeping department and various Horizon washers and Huebsch dryers in the accommodation laundries. The students do not pay on site for the use of the equipment but via levy charged by the college.

Keeley told us that all the new laundries are working well. “We’re very pleased with the service we have had from WashCo, the laundry equipment is very reliable and the hire agreement helps us with budgeting as we know exactly what the costs of offering the laundry are.”

The fixed price hire programme covers all maintenance and repair issues including parts and labour throughout the length of the agreement, and facilitates the installation of up-to-date laundry equipment without the capital outlay and makes budgeting easier – there are no nasty surprises if a machine needs repairing.

We’re very pleased with the service we have had from WashCo