The Miele PFD 103 SCi XXL dishwasher seamlessly combines intelligent technology with user-friendly features for an exceptional dishwashing experience.

Automatic door opening

Thanks to its automatic door opening at the end of each cycle, your items emerge fully dried, saving you time and ensuring optimum results. The machine’s permanent suds solution filtration not only delivers impeccable cleaning but also shields the dishwasher from potential damage, extending its service life.

Adjustable and easy to operate

Adaptability is key with the PFD 103 SCi XXL, as you can effortlessly adjust the upper basket height to accommodate various load sizes. Plus, the cutlery basket’s versatile positioning over the front lower basket spikes simplifies loading. Selecting and starting programs is a breeze, thanks to the touch-button interface. If you’re looking for a dishwasher that marries intelligent technology with ease of use, the Miele PFD 103 SCi XXL is your dependable solution for efficient dishwashing.


Integrated Freshwater dishwasher

Capacity: 14 place settings

Power: Electric

Dimensions:  845mm(H) x 598mm(W) x 570mm(D)