Case Studies

Microfibre Mop Washing

WASHCO help the Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust to bring laundry operations back in-house with an on-premise facility.

Mid way through 2016 Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust reached out for professional laundry companies to tender for the re-introduction of on-site laundry facilities capable of contending with the throughput of microfibre mop heads and cleaning fabrics required to clean the entire Royal Sussex and Princess Royal Hospitals.

WASHCO presented a microfibre mop washing tender in accordance with the wishes of the Trust and were successfully awarded the contract to supply and maintain the two separate laundries for many years to come.

We were involved in the detailed planning of all amendments within each room and assisted with the overall design of services, working particularly closely with the project planning department to ensure the project could be delivered on time to a very tight deadline.

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust  asked for the project to create the facility to bring back in-house the processing of all mops and cloths, opting for highly economical microfibre cloths and mops. Given the size of each Hospital the volume of mops in circulation was significant, resulting in two laundry rooms, each capable of thermally disinfecting 39kg of mops per hour.

Both projects were delivered on time and on budget and to the satisfaction of the Trust, Gerry Marlow, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust remarked, “Many thanks for all your great work and all the support you have given us from the day we issued the initial enquiry. You really are an impressive company”.

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