Outstanding Performance In The Smallest Of Spaces

innovative, DURABLE & built with Superb quality

Miele’s Little Giants range of compact washing machines and dryers has become a benchmark solution for those looking for outstanding performance in the smallest of spaces.

They have a load capacity of 8kg, controls to suit a variety of users and low consumption values all within 1m² of space. And with the ability to be stacked, you maximise performance without increasing your laundry footprint.

The machines can tackle large volumes of laundry whilst adhering to the stringent hygiene standards of today. And with the build quality of Miele, the machines ensure excellent reliability and durability for the daily work routine.

Benefitting you

Whatever sector you work in the Little Giants range has a place in the laundry. Below is an example of some areas that set the range apart from any other machine within its class:

  • Short cycle times helps to conserve water, electricity and detergent resources saving you time and money.
  • Simple and intuitive to use with a rotary control to full-touch colour display; the user interface is easy to understand
  • Professional programs, including thermal disinfection cycles, gives you reassurance your laundry comes out clean and safe
  • Patented honeycomb drum ensures the gentle care of fabrics while producing an outstanding cleaning performance

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