How WashConnect is helping the Hospitality sector have confidence in their laundry solutions

Hospitality Laundry Services

With a growing array of hospitality cleaning regulations launched by the Government in response to COVID-19 – many helping to build guest and visitor’s confidence when visiting their favourite hotel or restaurant. However, maintaining such high standards of cleanliness can be difficult, as it relies heavily on the quality of effective laundry equipment.

Many hospitality businesses still rely on traditional laundry systems that due to age or overall machine quality can massively delay laundry services and seriously affect employee’s productivity. Slow loading machines, poor washing performance or even failure to even start, are some of the problems that we have experienced when upgrading laundry solutions.

So, how can hospitality laundry services reach the current cleanliness expectations?

  • Purchasing a smart laundry system that is connected to your internet, automatically helping your appliances take care of themselves.
  • Included alert notification system, to predict if your laundry is going to experience downtimes.
  • Temperature validation – ensuring you are meeting infection control requirements, keeping your customers safe.

Fortunately, these innovative applications are now possible to find in a laundry system thanks to the industry-first WashConnect system that integrates the latest technology.


Why IoT Laundry Machines?

What is great about these IoT laundry machines is that you can also access data that provides you with a very clear performance of your laundry operation to know exactly what is happening and adapt your laundry appliances to suit your business needs.


Why WashConnect?

WashConnect IoT laundry systems provides you 100% insight into what is going on in your machine. Our innovative laundry system will send you warning if maintenance is going to be required, temperature validation and the flexibility of creating wash cycles specific to your laundry needs.


WashCo in Action

The Dorchester Hotel is a client that was ‘mind-blown’ with WashCo’s hospitality laundry services. Jutta Asta, Executive Housekeeper at The Dorchester affirmed, “When we had the challenge with access, they went back to the drawing board and said -okay, we can do this in a day instead of two-. That revolutionised the whole project and is what, I think, encompasses the service element that I have seen from WashCo.”

Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and spare parts, WashCo can react and resolve laundry issues faster than ever. WashCo will always deliver the optimal and most cost-effective solution that suits your business. WashConnect is optimizing operations in many hospitality sectors such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, holiday camps, caravan parks, leisure centres, spas, sports stadia and hairdressers.


To learn how WashConnect’s IoT laundry machines can help improve your hospitality laundry services while saving you money, reducing downtime and ensuring you are meeting infection control standards – get in touch with one of our team today. To discuss call 08000 546 546, email or visit our contact us page

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