Industry Leading IoT Laundry Systems for Care Homes

Why WashConnect is the best Laundry System for Care Homes

WashConnect is an industry first-smart laundry system that relieves the stress and pain of looking after your appliances. It will reduce downtime, whilst allowing you to not miss any faults thereby reducing engineering guesswork and most importantly, cost. The machines provide real-time reporting through always being connected. WashConnect uses a cloud portal that can tell when and exactly why your machine is not working.

The current challenges care homes face with traditional laundry systems

Recent events have highlighted the issues that older systems face. The current pandemic has had a devastating impact on the whole country, but Care Homes have been at the center of that.

Care homes are inspected by independent regulators under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 to check the safety and sanitary standards of homes, as well as the health and happiness of their residents. This also includes best practices for the laundry rooms. To make sure your laundry room is handled safely and correctly, it is vital your care home conducts the following best practice: sorting, segregation, transportation, storage, washing, finishing, and drying of linen.

Undoubtedly to help reduce the spread, more efforts are made to keep care homes safer and a laundry system is an essential tool. With more load and strain on the system, faults can emerge. This can be even more challenging when an engineer is needed to come and diagnose an issue. Once the fault has been identified the engineer may need to order parts, which in turn causes a longer delay and forces the engineer to come back at a later date. All of these issues will make it more challenging to control the spread and increase the risk to staff, residents, and the engineer.

Cost is another factor to look at. Older systems can over time require more maintenance, which means you will have to invest more and more the reduce downtime. Additional costs to account for can include using an external laundry cleaning service and purchasing new laundry if needed.

How would a WashConnect laundry system help in a care home?

  • Real-Time Monitoring

By using a cloud-based portal, WashConnect can monitor your whole Laundry System in real-time and ascertain the exact fault should one appear.

  • Fewer Engineer Visits

Through the use of live monitoring, WashConnect will allow the engineer to arrive with the correct tools and parts to get the machine up and running meaning less interruption to your care home

  • Live Reporting

Temperature validation can also be monitored to ensure you are meeting infection control requirements that are essential when controlling the spread of the pandemic.

  • Industry-first technology

Wash Connect is an innovative new take on traditional commercial laundry systems.

  • Safer for residents, staff, and visitors

Through fewer engineer visits, reduced downtime, and constant monitoring you can be reassured for the wellbeing of your care home.

See how WashConnect is already having a positive impact on Care Homes

Julian HospitalThe customer is very happy with their Miele machines that are working as intended.”

Stowlangtoft Hall– “WashCo has a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail.”

Lakeside House Nursing Home – “We opted for WashCo’s fixed price hire scheme, as this helped us”


Finding infection control laundry systems that are the most economical to run can be tough. The lengthy best practice process can be time and energy-consuming and costly. Finding a quality washer that is efficient and saves on detergents, will improve washing performance, and help reduce infection.

To learn how WashConnect can help improve your care home laundry systems while saving you money, reducing downtime and ensuring you are meeting infection get in touch with one of our team today to discuss call 08000 546 546, email or visit our contact us page