Washing Pillows, Duvets and Padded Items



  • Good separation between cage and drum
  • Cage large enough for work to tumble freely
  • Half-fill machine with dry goods
  • Good mechanical action for soil removal at low temperature



  • Correct cage-drum clearance avoids water pick-up and vibration
  • Good balance system minimises stress and vibration
  • Good drainage avoids water shock
  • Steady run up to high speed



  • Large cage lets contents tumble freely
  • Temperature control to cool down goods and restore the ‘loft’
  • Thorough drying prevents odours and mould
  • Good airflow enables rapid drying at low temperature
  • Fine temperature control prevents thermal damage

A duvet wash process needs plenty of cage volume to allow large duvets to tumble and it is important that the machine has been designed to spin duvets correctly – they carry a great deal of water to be removed.

Pillows and Duvets