Top 10 laundry myths

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Laundry can be complicated. We’ve asked our laundry experts to bust some of the myths out there.

Clean and disinfected are the same thing

In the world of laundry, the words ‘clean’ and ‘disinfected’ are not always interchangeable. Linens which have been washed and are germ-free can still have stains or discolouration – so disinfected but not clean. This is why it is important to make the right choice for each and every wash.

One solution fits all

Like many things in life, within laundry one solution doesn’t fit all. Ozone might be the perfect solution for your woolens where high temperatures are an issue, but thermal disinfection might be your best solution for sheets, killing germs and removing stains and discolouration.

There’s no difference between domestic and commercial machines

Commercial machines have lots of benefits as they:

  • Last longer than domestic machines
  • Are WRAS approved
  • Can be programmed for thermal disinfection
  • Are more reliable with shorter cycles and better temperature controls.

Find out more about the differences between domestic and commercial laundry equipment.

Servicing of equipment isn’t that important as long as you clean the machine

As with most machines, servicing is absolutely key to ensure that everything is working properly. This could include, for example, checking the machine is holding the correct temperature. Regular maintenance also means fewer breakdowns and less hassle for your laundry.

The washing cycle is the most important element in infection control

Of course, the washing cycle is important, but equally crucial is the process both before and after your laundry goes into the washers and dryers, ensuring that there is a clear separation of dirty and clean laundry.

Barrier laundries stop infection

As with the myth above, they absolutely can. However, this is only if the right processes and procedures are followed.

It doesn’t matter if you overfill the machine

When machines are overfilled they can’t do their job properly, which means that you can’t be confident your laundry is clean and disinfection free.

People are the least important part of the process

In fact, it will come as no surprise, people are the most important part of the process. It is important that all of your staff know how to handle laundry correctly, which cycle to use, etc. If they make the right choices, you are much more likely to have a successful laundry.

Drying on a high heat setting in a tumble dryer will kill bacteria that isn’t removed during the wash cycle

Drying on high heat will kill bacteria, but the time and temperature required to do this (140+ degree Fahrenheit for 60 minutes plus) will also destroy most fabrics and linens. Over-drying on a high temperature is not recommended.