WASHCHEMICALS Low Temp Destainer Product Shot
WASHCHEMICALS full range packshots

Pack Sizes: 10 litres / 20 litres

Product Type: Liquid

Sectors: Suitable for all sectors

Application: Non-hazardous destainer ideal for stain removal off clothes and bed linens at low temperatures

Materials: White and coloured cotton and polycottons and other manmade fibres. Not suitable for use on delicate fabrics, eg, silk

Temperature: 20° to 50°C

Recommended Dosage (ml/kg dry goods)

Soiling Level – Light: 4 ml/kg

Soiling Level – Medium: 5 ml/kg

Soiling Level – Heavy: 6 ml/kg

Click here for the Safety Data Sheet

Complies with the European Union Directive EU648/2004 on Biodegradability of Surfactants. For full Health and Safety Information please refer to the datasheets.

Reduces wash time and saves energy with stains even removed at low temperatures (as low as 20°C)

Easier to work with as non-corrosive and odourless (does not emit any harmful vapours)

High-quality finish with excellent removal of bleachable stains at low temperatures, eg, tomato, tea, coffee, juice stains