Primus DX55/77/90

Highly efficient, easy access

Easy operation and service friendly the DX77 is the best-in-class dryer for its size, with microprocessor controls making it user friendly and easy to use

Large door opening for easy loading & unloading of washing, saving you time and effort

Residual moisture control allows an increase in efficiency, reduced running costs and allow for the perfect finish.

Excellent build quality, easy use

The large lint filter creates less hassle when cleaning, helps laundry dry quickly and keep energy costs down

Stainless steel machine & drum provides unmatched durability for an excellent life span of the machine

77kg dryer


Capacity: 77kg (1410-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Electric | Gas | Steam

Dimensions: 2390mm(H) x 1345mm(W) x 1315mm(D)