Flatwork Rotary Ironer with a 1000mm roller width.

The leading solution at this size point, the Miele PM1210 commercial Rotary Ironer is a truly reliable workhorse. Its ease of installation allows for use within a wide spectrum of customer applications, from commercial laundries, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Care homes and the NHS, whilst equally at home within a high use domestic environment. Efficient, reliable and famously long living the Miele Professional PM 1210 offers unrivalled value for money.


+ Steel wool padding with ARAMID needle felt cloth

+ Infinitely variable temperature control

+ Roller speed freely selectable

+ Water reservoir for steam ironing

+ Treadle switch controls

+ Chrome-plated airing bar


Roller width: 1000mm
Dimensions: 1032 x 1579 x 476