The Miele PFD 404 Hygiene dishwasher is designed to bring intelligent technology into your kitchen while making dishwashing effortless.

Thermal disinfection

Its hot water inlet combined with a powerful heat pump ensures that your dishwashing cycles are optimized for both speed and effectiveness. The permanent filtering of the suds solution not only delivers impeccable cleaning results but also extends the machine’s service life by safeguarding it from potential damage. For the highest hygiene standards, this dishwasher offers a final rinse at 85 degrees, ensuring your dishes are thoroughly sanitized.

Adjustable and easy to operate

Adjusting the upper basket height to accommodate various load sizes is a breeze, adding to the convenience of this appliance. Moreover, the patented in-door salt container allows for easy refills without the need to remove the lower basket. With the user-friendly M Touch Flex Colour display, selecting your preferred cycle is straightforward. If you’re seeking a dishwasher that combines advanced technology with ease of use and hygiene assurance, the Miele PFD 404 Hygiene is an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Freestanding Freshwater dishwasher

Capacity: Up to 380 plates / hour

Power: Electric

Dimensions:  835mm(H) x 598mm(W) x 598mm(D)