Introducing the Miele PDR 910, a dryer equipped with intelligent technology that guarantees precise and exceptional drying outcomes. The PerfectDry system measures residual moisture, ensuring accurate results. The dryer control’s alternating drum rotation prevents tangling, while Miele’s honeycomb drum structure offers gentle fabric care, reducing creasing and simplifying finishing.

M Touch Pro controls

Experience convenience with the patented extra-large filter, adept at capturing more fluff and lint than competitors and easy to clean. The M Touch Pro controls streamline operation, enabling easy cycle selection via the colour touch screen, with the added flexibility of programming. Discover superior fabric care, effortless maintenance, and user-friendly controls with the Miele PDR 910 dryer, addressing your drying needs effectively and efficiently.

10kg tumble dryer

Capacity: 10kg (180-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Electric or Gas

Dimensions: 1020mm(H) x 700mm(W) x 763mm(D)

Drainage:  Drain Pump or Gravity Drain