Meet the Miele PDR 516 SL, a dryer built with intelligent technology that delivers precise and exceptional drying results. The PerfectDry system measures laundry’s residual moisture, ensuring accurate drying outcomes. This dryer’s slimline body facilitates easy installation and servicing, streamlining maintenance.

Easy to control and maintain

Benefit from diagonal airflow design, effectively reducing cycle times and energy consumption. Enjoy effortless maintenance with the large diagonally mounted fluff filter, easily accessible and cleanable from the front. The ROP rotary control provides individual adjustment to drying parameters, and the easy-to-read timer display adds convenience to your laundry routine. Simplify your drying process with the Miele PDR 516 SL dryer, offering intelligent technology, ease of use, and energy efficiency for effective drying solutions.

16kg tumble dryer

Capacity: 16kg (300-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Electric or Gas

Dimensions: 1800mm(H) x 711mm(W) x 1089mm(D)