Picture of Debbie Jones

Listen to Debbie Jones take part in Care Home Management’s Infection Control Podcast

Debbie Jones, WASHCO’s Sales Manager, has taken part in an infection control roundtable with Care Home Management.

With 26 years of expertise in the laundry industry, Debbie recently took part in an infection control podcast. Alongside experts from Meiko Ltd, Rensair and Ultrafilter Great Britain Ltd, they discussed the following areas:

  • The importance of face masks as part of infection control procedures, choosing the right masks (for filtration, comfort and price), supply chain issues around PPE and proper wear instructions
  • Using technology in laundry to manage infection control
  • Hospital-grade air purification. More specifically, demystifying air purification technologies in the context of Covid-19
  • The importance of total hygiene, not only on the plates residents eat off and the cups they drink from but also washbowls, dementia learning aids, staff crocs etc – and how warewashing is the safe, hygienic and economical way of achieving this

If you’d like to take a listen then click here.