Picture of Annmarie, the 2021 Love Laundry Award Winner

Love Laundry 2021 Award Winners

At The Care Show this week, we announced the worthy winners of our Love Laundry Awards, designed to celebrate those often hidden laundry room heroes.

Below are the winners’ inspiring nominations.


Individual Award Winner – Annmarie Bradshaw – Etheldred House, Excelcare

Annmarie has been working at Etheldred House for 13 years. She works full-time in the laundry and is dedicated and caring, doing so much more than is required of her job role.  She truly exceeds all expectations.

I frequently find Annmarie in one of the houses during mealtimes where she is assisting someone with their meal and when her shift is done at the end of the day, one would usually see her sitting down chatting with a resident. She also frequently assists staff with residents living with dementia when they are unsettled. None of this is asked of Annmarie – she does this out of choice.

We recently had a new resident that came to live with us, but he was very distressed after being moved several times from home to home. Annmarie was the only staff member that could encourage him to come into the building.

Annmarie’s work is always done to the highest standard, ensuring everything is done before she leaves for the day. She never complains or leaves a task for someone else to sort out, she does it herself.

The laundry room is immaculate, and we never receive any complaints about the residents’ clothes, or anything related to the laundry. She takes lots of pride in her workspace. Annmarie leads the housekeeping team in the absence of the Housekeeper and inducts new staff. Annmarie always sets a positive example for others.

I am very lucky to have a team member like Annmarie working at Etheldred House. She deserves this recognition & award.

Santall Horn, General Manager


“I feel so lucky & grateful to be nominated and overwhelmed to have won the award. The experience on the day was lovely and I am grateful to WASHCO for recognising people working in this field. Even though the word ‘thank you’ sounds so insignificant, I really do mean it – thank you WASHCO!” Annmarie Bradshaw


As our Individual Love Laundry Award winner, Annmarie will receive a domestic Miele washing machine for her own home, fully installed courtesy of our in-house team.


Team Award Winners  – Cote Street Laundry Team – St Monica Trust
Jane Brailsford, Zoe Cook, Fransisco Lopes, Ali Sayed, Jackie Cockwell, Chris Elkins, Vanda Andrade, Katie Skuse, Lisa Stone, Aimee Godfrey & Matthew Cooper.

The team wash laundry for our four care homes around Bristol, often washing around five tons of laundry a week.  When COVID arrived last year, all staff who worked in the care homes had to wear scrubs which added an extra two tons of laundry per week.

The laundry team was suddenly required to extend their hours (6 am to 9 pm) to adjust to the extra scrubs being washed. They worked seven days a week, for the best part of a year to ensure all staff in the care homes had scrubs. There was also additional linen being washed due to infection control procedures. The team did this with smiles on their faces even when face masks were required to be worn in the laundry!

The team is hardworking, always smiling, and will go that extra mile for anyone. They’re not always recognized for what they do and I would love for them to win an award to celebrate how they have held up St Monica Trust over the last 18 months.

Darren Way, Estates Services Manager

As our Team Love Laundry Award winner, St Monica Trust will receive a Sonos speaker system for their laundry.