7 WASHCHEMICALS product shots

Introducing new WASHCHEMICALS branding

We’ve been working on making our WASHCHEMICALS range even easier to work with.

We’ve introduced new colour coding by product category. This allows you to see what type of product you’re working with by the colour of the label. We’ve also simplified the name of the products, making them even easier to remember.

The information below shows the old name first, followed by the new name in the same colour as the label.

And, if you’re already a customer, you can order your products online here.

If you have any questions then please email chemicals@washco.co.uk


Biological Delta K – WASHCHEMICALS Biological Detergent

Non-Biological Delta – WASHCHEMICALS Non-Biological Detergent


Ice Low Temperature Destainer – WASHCHEMICALS Low Temperature Destainer

Burst Laundry Bleach – WASHCHEMICALS Hydrogen Peroxide Destainer

Stain + – WASHCHEMICALS Stain Removing Powder

Fabric Conditioner

Solar-S Laundry Softener – WASHCHEMICALS Fabric Conditioner

Alkali Boost

Alkali Boost Concentrated Laundry Booster – WASHCHEMICALS Alkali Boost


Emulsifier Laundry Degreaser – WASHCHEMICALS Emulsifier