WASHCO supporting frontline efforts to combat COVID-19

During this period of uncertainty, WASHCO wants to ensure we are working to support the invaluable frontline efforts provided by our NHS as much as possible.

Towards the end of last week, our Business Development Manager, Rob Turnbull was approached by the NHS Trust who manage the Goodmayes Hospital site in Essex which is currently being repurposed to house 150 overflow beds during the COVID-19 outbreak. They required a swift turnaround and installation of four dishwashers that fulfilled their requirements for fast wash cycles, thermal disinfection and WRAS approval to ensure they could provide much-needed treatment for patients once the site was ready.

As we already supply Miele Professional dishwashing equipment across this NHS Trust, it was agreed that the most suitable option for the Goodmayes site would be the Miele PG8056 – a range that staff are familiar with and, once these wards are no longer required, could be repurposed elsewhere.

With only four machines left in stock in the UK, we worked with Miele to secure the order and agreed on a delivery and installation timeframe that met the Trust’s deadline.

Commenting on our service, the NHS Trust said: “Rob responded to our request very promptly and was able to advise on available options and secure stock in a very quick turnaround. We’re most grateful for your help and support in these challenging times.”

We are so pleased that we are able to provide a helpful piece to a very big puzzle. WASHCO will continue the efforts to support providing service to NHS sites, care homes and residential homes, with these sectors being our key focus during these trying times.