WASHCHEMICALS Hydrogen Peroxide Destainer pack shot
WASHCHEMICALS full range packshots

Pack Sizes: 10 litres / 20 litres

Product Type: Liquid

Sectors: Care and Nursing Homes, Hospitality

Application: Oxygen based bleach destainer ideal for stain removal at higher temperatures, eg, sheets

Materials: White and coloured cotton and polycottons and other manmade fibres. Not suitable for use on delicate fabrics, eg, silk

Temperature: 50° to 80°C

Recommended Dosage (ml/kg dry goods)

Soiling Level – Light: 5-6 ml/kg

Soiling Level – Medium: 7 ml/kg

Soiling Level – Heavy: 8 ml/kg

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Complies with the European Union Directive EU648/2004 on Biodegradability of Surfactants. For full Health and Safety Information please refer to the datasheets.

High-quality finish with excellent removal of stains at high temperatures, eg, tomato, tea, coffee, juice stains

Visibly clean results