Discover the Miele PW 6321, a washing solution meticulously designed for efficiency and high-quality laundry care.

Efficient, short wash cycles

Its short programs cycle times enable you to fulfill demanding washing requirements without compromising on results. With a high spin G-force of 447 and a mere 47% residual moisture, this machine significantly reduces drying times, saving time and energy.

Excellent fabric care

Experience excellent laundry care through the patented honeycomb drum, which not only treats fabrics gently but also delivers an exceptional cleaning performance. The user-friendly Profitronic M control simplifies operation, offering six quick access buttons and up to 199 freely programmable slots via the rotary selector, ensuring hassle-free cycle selection. Elevate your laundry routine with the Miele PW 6321, a dependable solution that combines efficiency, care, and simplicity for all your washing needs.

32kg washing machine


Capacity: 32kg (320-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Electric | Steam | Gas

Dimensions: 1640mm(H) x 1085mm(W) x 1272mm(D)

Drainage:  Dump Valve