Exclusive to WASHCO: Miele PW5082 XL and Miele 5186 XL 

Didn’t think you could afford a Miele commercial machine? Think again.

Introducing a great value Miele Professional 9kg washing machine and dryer into the UK, at a price which will surprise you.

With costs rising, we understand that businesses are finding it difficult. To help, we’ve brought two new Miele products into our range which are exclusive to WASHCO.

They have all the qualities you’d expect from Miele, tested to 30,000 cycles, at a price you might not expect.

Both the PW 5082 XL washing machine and PT 5186 XL dryer have a 9kg capacity. They’re easy to use, efficient to run and an investment which is built to last. Click on the buttons below to find out more.

PW 5082 XL       PT 5186 XL