Introducing the Grandimpianti S200/30AVL, your key to achieving the perfect finish and energy-efficient operations.

Springpress for superior results

This machine is designed for exceptional ironing performance, thanks to its asymmetrically embedded heating elements that ensure uniform heat distribution. With Springpress mobile plates and a vacuum system, it efficiently processes laundry with residual moisture levels of 40/45%, guaranteeing superior results.

Easy to operate

Ease of use is a priority with the ST23 Control system, which allows straightforward temperature and roller speed adjustments. Additionally, the foot control feature lets you start and stop the roller without needing to use your hands, making linen manipulation more convenient. Energy-conscious users will appreciate the highly insulated design with ceramic wool, reducing heat loss and overall running costs. Elevate your ironing efficiency with the Grandimpianti S200/30AVL for top-notch performance and energy savings.

2m roller ironer


Roller Width (cm): 200

Roller Diameter (cm): 30

Dimensions: 1300mm(H) x 2600mm(W) x 500mm(D)