Primus DX13/13/20/20 Stack Dryer

The PRIMUS DX13/13 XQG is an industrial-grade dryer designed to meet your specific drying needs efficiently and reliably.

Maximum durability

Its stainless steel drum, provided as standard, guarantees maximum durability, ensuring that this dryer can withstand the demands of industrial use for years to come.

Easy to operate and maintain

With split mid-mounted controls, users can easily select the temperature and dry time for each drying pocket, allowing for precise customization to achieve the desired results. Additionally, large lint filters located below each drying pocket are readily accessible for cleaning, making maintenance a breeze. The PRIMUS DX13/13 XQG simplifies industrial drying, delivering durability and user-friendly controls for a seamless experience.

2 x 13kg dryer


Capacity: 2 x 13kg (2 x 300-litre drum)

Heat Input Options:  Gas

Dimensions: 1940mm(H) x 800mm(W) x 1090mm(D)