Introducing the Miele PDR 544, a dryer designed with intelligent technology for precise and outstanding drying results.

PerfectDry System

Benefit from the PerfectDry system, which measures residual moisture to ensure accurate drying outcomes. Miele’s signature honeycomb drum structure offers gentle fabric care, minimizing creasing and facilitating easy finishing.

Easy to operate and maintain

Experience simplified maintenance with the large diagonally mounted fluff filter, easily accessible and cleanable from the front of the machine. The M-Select control combines a simple rotary dial for direct drying program selection with a crystal-clear touch display for additional functions and settings. Discover ease of use, intelligent technology, and gentle fabric care with the Miele PDR 544 dryer, meeting your drying needs effectively and efficiently.

44kg tumble dryer

Capacity: 44kg (800-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Gas

Dimensions: 1640mm(H) x 1206mm(W) x 1385mm(D)