The Miele HM 16-83 ironing system ensures the perfect finish for your laundry with its versatile features.

Adjustable for the perfect finish

It boasts a variable speed function, allowing you to adjust for different fabric types and residual moisture levels. This adaptability ensures that your garments are treated with care and precision.

Ease of use is a top priority with the Miele HM 16-83. Its stable base equipped with four castors makes it effortless to relocate in a busy laundry environment. Additionally, the convenient feed-in board simplifies the process of accurately feeding laundry into the system. If you’re looking for an ironing solution that offers both flexibility and user-friendliness while delivering a consistent finish, the Miele HM 16-83 is an excellent choice.


Roller width: 830mm
Dimensions: 959 x 1050 x 380