Primus SC65

Compact design, space-saving

Stackable and with a compact design the SC65 is a freestanding washer that delivers excellent results with a variety of easy to use programs.

Built-in mop and medical programs ensure your laundry is free of infection and ensures a thorough wash giving you confidence.

Available stacked with a 6.5kg Dam-6 dryer

Excellent build quality, easy use

Soap hopper is located at the front of the machine for ease of use combining with a built-in timer for

Stainless steel outer and inner drum provides unmatched durability for an excellent life span of the machine


6.5kg washing machine


Capacity: 6.5kg (60-litre drum)

Heat Input Options: Electric

Dimensions: 850mm(H) x 595mm(W) x 585mm(D)