Primus 70kg Soft Mounted Washer Extractor

The Primus MXB700 soft mounted washer extractor features stainless steel top panel & anthracite grey front and side panels, stainless steel drum and tub, high capacity water inlets, easy access to all vital parts from the front & large door opening for easy loading & unloading.


+ Freestanding, high spin

+ Large drain valve 2x ├ś 76 mm

+ Easy access to all parts

+ Frequency controlled motor

+ Large door opening for easy loading and unloading.

+ XControl Plus

+ Freely programmable

+ Multilingual

+ PowerWash® perforated lifting ribs: better washing results, lower water consumption

+ Eco washing programmes – significantly reduces water and electricity consumption

+ Soap dispenser with 5 removable compartments

+ Patented Cascade drum

+ RS485 & USB plug

+ Designed with focus on ergonomy

+ Golden lock – patented inner door lock mechanism

+ Patented Cascade drum

Loading capacity: 70kg
Dimensions: 1700 x 2032 x 980