At WASHCO we understand that it’s important to get laundry right, particularly in a post-COVID world.

Feeling confident in your laundry isn’t about making big changes. Laundry which is washed and dried correctly will be infection-free. Focusing on the following key areas will ensure your laundry is a cause for concern:

  • People
  • Process
  • Equipment


It sounds like a cliché but people are your most powerful tool in the fight against infection. Their behaviour in the laundry, following the correct processes and using the equipment correctly will be key to ensuring your laundry is safe and clean.



There are key processes and best practice guidelines that, if followed, will give you confidence in your linens. Below is an example of areas that can make the difference:

  • Always ensure that dirty and clean linen is processed in separate areas of the laundry to minimise cross-contamination
  • Best practice guidelines for health and social care recommend a hot wash cycle (71°C for at least 3 minutes or 65° deg C for at least ten minutes) to disinfect linens
  • Ensure machines aren’t overfilled. When machines are overfilled they can’t do their job properly so you can’t be confident your laundry is clean and infection-free


Commercial washing machines and dryers are designed to cope with high volumes of laundry and give you the confidence that the correct temperatures are being maintained to kill infection. However, there are some things you can do to maximise its performance:

  • Make sure you have the right size machines for your location. Too small and staff will be tempted to overfill. Too large and you’re running costs will be higher than they need to be
  • Ensure that your machines are serviced regularly, particularly important if they’re gas-fuelled. Regular maintenance means fewer breakdowns and less hassle for your laundry
  • Confirm that you’re using commercial machines. They’re designed to last longer, are WRAS approved, can be programmed for thermal disinfection and are more reliable with shorter cycles and better temperature controls.

WASHCONNECT is our smart laundry system, designed to make infection control simple.