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West Wickham launderette owner says Speed Queen Dryers from WashCo are ‘the best’!

Joe Savoia has owned The Launderette in West Wickham, a relatively well-off suburb in the London Borough of Bromley, for the past five years.  Early in 2015 some of the dryers needed replacing and Joe went to WashCo Commercial Laundry Systems who installed four Speed Queen gas operated stacked tumble dryers – three of the 2 x 13kg machines adding to two that he already had, and one 2 x 20kg machine.

According to Joe the launderette is mostly used by local residents and they do tend to do quite a lot more drying than washing, but they also have a busy service wash business, especially of larger items such as duvets.  They have one washer reserved for pet bedding and other related items.   In addition they handle football kits for several local clubs.  The Launderette is open from 7.00am to 10.30pm and is attended from 9.00am to 5.30pm on weekdays.    There is ample parking at the rear of the shop for people who want to leave their washing while they do their grocery shopping.

Joe told us that both he and his customers are delighted with the dryers.  “They are definitely the best on the market,” he told us.  “Practically nothing goes wrong with them, and if there is a small issue WashCo’s excellent technical department are there on the telephone to help me fix it myself – they will do all they can to save you money on a call-out.  I haven’t actually had to call anyone out in the two years I’ve had the machines – but I know that if I do they’ll be quick and efficient with that too”.

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