Gliffaes Hotel laundry

WashCo replaced commercial dryer parts to keep the Gliffaes Hotel laundry running smoothly

The Gliffaes Country House Hotel just outside Crickhowell is the only luxury 4-star hotel in the Brecon Beacons, run by James and Suzy Suter.  The hotel has been in Suzy’s family for three generations, and James told us, they have been dealing with WashCo Commercial Laundry Systems for as long as they can remember.

The basement laundry handles all the washing for the 23 bedroom hotel including bed linen, towels, bathrobes, table linen for the restaurant as well as events and weddings, kitchen items and personal laundry for residents if required.  The laundry consists of three washers, including a Primus 10kg machine, two different sized Huebsch dryers and an ironer.  Recently, the motor on the larger 16kg Huebsch dryer, which had been giving continuous service for 15 years, needed replacing.  WashCo responded quickly to the service request, the motor was replaced and the machine is now back in full time use.  James said, “That’s the thing with WashCo, if you ask for service you get it – quickly.  We know we can rely on them which is really important as the speed and quality of the laundry is vital to the hotel.”  Three members of staff operate the laundry which runs approximately seven hours a day throughout the week.

The hotel shuts in January, but reckons to operate on 65-70% occupancy levels for the rest of the year.  It is a very popular venue for weddings, parties and other events and special occasions.  It is very popular for fishing in the River Usk, which is visible from many of the bedrooms, as it owns the fishing rights on 1.75 miles of the river bank.

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