St Stephen's House Laundry Equipment

WashCo Re-Equip the Laundries at St Stephen’s House in Oxford

St Stephen’s House is an Anglican theological foundation and Permanent Private Hall within the University of Oxford offering students training towards ordination, postgraduate study and PGCE.  In total it accommodates some 80-85 students at any one time, some in single rooms within the main building and others in a separate block for married students and various flats and houses for those with families.  Outside term time the college is used for summer schools and conferences and the single student rooms are available for delegates.

St Stephen’s has two vended laundries, one in the main building and one in the block for married students, where students can do their own laundry.  Recently both laundries have been completely re-equipped and renovated by WashCo Commercial Laundry Systems [on a joint venture revenue share basis.  Each laundry contains two of the latest 9kg Speed Queen Horizon washers and two matching Speed Queen dryers – the world’s most popular small tumble dryer.

Bursar, Michele Smith told us that, following indifferent service from the previous supplier, she researched the market thoroughly, including asking other colleges about their experiences.  “There was no doubt that WashCo were the most helpful”, she said, “and we have been very pleased with the arrangement and the equipment which is definitely better than what we had before.”

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